After the call «from the bank», the Internet fraudster called a resident of Lida and introduced himself as the head of the capital’s criminal investigation department. And she believed

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Fortunately, the stolen amount was not very large — 208 rubles

 Today many have heard about the schemes that cybercriminals use to take over the personal data of bank card holders and steal money from card accounts. People are already trying to «dissolve» the scammers themselves, to laugh at the caller of the bank employee who, «sincerely» caring about the safety of your funds, warns of illegal debiting of funds from your accounts, reports Lidskaya Gazeta.

But don’t be so cocky! Criminals do not intend to retreat and lose the opportunity to illegally enrich themselves. And if so called bank employee no longer «rolls», then why not introduce himself, for example, as a representative of law enforcement agencies ?!

This happened for days with a resident of Lida. As Maxim Pasyuta, the senior operative of the group for solving crimes in the field of high technologies of the Lida District Department of Internal Affairs told the editorial office, at first the woman allegedly received a call on Viber from the legal service and the security service of the bank and, as usual, asked if she was now transferring money to someone from her cards — they say, money is debited from her account.

The citizen of Lida, aware of the criminal schemes of the fraudsters, did not talk to them for a long time. However, after a while she received a call again, this time on her mobile phone. True, still not from the Belarusian number, but it will become clear later, but the woman did not immediately pay attention to this fact, which, in principle, was a mistake. The caller introduced himself: «Makarov Alexander Ivanovich, head of the criminal investigation department, city of Minsk.» The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs asked Natalya to tell what happened with her bank: who called, what they said, and confirmed that she was a victim of fraudulent activities. He also informed that at the moment proceedings were opened in several criminal cases, indicated the articles of the Criminal Code and explained that Natalya would be a witness on them.

When the agitated citizen of Lida asked about her further actions, the “head of the criminal investigation department” replied that real bank employees would contact her and tell her what to do next. He also asked to help both the bank and law enforcement agencies in solving the crime.

Natalia got a call from the bank … Can you guess how it all ended? Real debiting of money from the card account. Fortunately, the stolen amount was not very large — 208 rubles. But not small either. In addition, this money was earned by honest work, not fraud …