Regional news

A bit of spontaneity for a fun mood

Evening entertainment for the residents and guests of the city staged on December 9 employees Djatlovo center of culture and folk art.

On the square September 17 was music, where do without dancing?

Around Christmas green beauty-tree, on which shone the lights, dyatlovchane circle dances. Even the rain did not interfere with the cheerful mood.








Fair in Novoelnya

On the street Krasnoarmeyskaya briskly gathered those sleigh crop is ready for winter. With bicycles, strollers walked one by one people or even whole families, who drive to stock up on vegetables and grains.







Their road measured in years

In the small auditorium of the Djatlovo DRSU-119 for the first day of October, people gathered on the rich life and professional experience. Thanks to them and their successors, dyatlovchane and city residents feel safe on local roads.

On the Day of elderly people turned director Djatlovo DRSU-119 Dmitry Mozol with words of congratulations to the senior colleagues. He wished the best for the audience and gave them nice gifts.








We will walk on a level road

Municipal Unitary Enterprise reclamation systems «Djatlovo PMS» spends repair work on Vogel Street Dyatlovo.

Perakopanyya road caused the residents of the street interest: what updates are expected?

As it turns out, is now being replaced sewers. Then — new asphalt is laid.





Fisherman’s Festival in Gezgaly

On the lake in Gezgaly turned fisherman’s Festival.

Welcomed the guests of the holiday Neptune, and its appearance is a means to further plunge into the atmosphere of the festival, which is associated with the water kingdom.

He congratulated those present chairman of Zhukovschina rural Valery Veremeichik executive committee. He noted that the Fisherman’s Festival in our district has been held for the third time, and always nice to see people take an active part in the event. Also Valery Veremeichik wanted fishermen «neither tail nor scales» that language means fishing luck.

The warm summer weather and good mood present contributed to a successful holiday and a wonderful holiday.




Feast of pancakes

In the agro-town Belogurno the event «Feast of pancakes» took place.

The festive program began with a bright theatrical opening with the participation of the couple Simon and Marili, who in the course of their fervent conversation lit up the theme of the holiday and summed up all participants of the event to its main symbol — a buttered pancake.

Guests of the celebration were greeted by the hostesses-leaders. They reminded everyone that the pancake for Belarusians — one of the most favorite everyday treats — is an old-fashioned symbol of many folk festivals and rituals. In a rich Slavic culture, a pancake symbolizes the Sun, is a symbol of warmth and yield.


With words of welcome and congratulations on the Independence Day addressed the audience the chairman of the executive committee Djatlovo Alexander Dubovik:

-This day is a symbol of sovereignty and freedom of our homeland, the heroic past and happy future of our Belarusian people. We are united by love for Belarus, loyalty to tradition and a genuine desire to make our country even stronger and more beautiful. On this day, we pay tribute to the valor and heroism of soldiers and home front workers, partisans and underground fighters, brought freedom to the people of Belarus. On behalf of the executive committee Djatlovo accept my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations on the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. I wish you all good health, peace and prosperity, success in your work for the good of our country.

Then Alexander Dubovik presented awards to the winners of the exhibition of regional organizations and agricultural enterprises, which was held on the eve of the anniversary of the city Dyatlovo.