Some 11.4% of grass harvested in Belarus


Some 11.4% of grass has been harvested in Belarus, the Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA.

As of 14 June, Belarusian agricultural workers did the first cutting of grass on 747,900ha of grassland, or 56.3% of the target. Progress was estimated at 85.9% in Brest Oblast, 21.1% in Vitebsk Oblast, 54.7% in Gomel Oblast, 56.5% in Grodno Oblast, 65.9% in Minsk Oblast, and 45.1% in Mogilev Oblast.

Grass was harvested from 614,800ha of grassland, 82.2% of the area. Belarusian agricultural workers harvested 61,100 tonnes of hay (6.4% of the target), 3,613,800 tonnes of haylage (26.9%), and 218,100 tonnes of silage (1.14%).

There are plans to produce a total of 9.6 million tonnes of feed units out of grass this year. So far 11.4% of the target has been produced. Belarusian farmers are supposed to stock up on nearly 19.8 million tonnes of silage, 13.2 million tonnes of haylage (including 1 million tonnes in polymeric packaging), and 955,200 tonnes of hay.