Public sector wages, border crossing, roaming charges and other things that will change in April

REGIONAL NEWS Свежыя навіны

The Belarusian government took a decision to gradually raise the base rate to increase public sector wages, Belarus lifted restrictions on crossing its border, roaming charges for incoming calls were abolished in the Union State.

These topics were featured in BelTA’s review in April.

Public sector wages in Belarus will increase

“In 2022 public sector wages were to be increased in two stages following the rise of the base rate. The first stage started on 1 January 2022 when the base rate went up by 4.5%. The second stage was supposed to begin on 1 September. However, in order to support public sector workers, the government decided to raise the base rate earlier than planned, starting from March,” the press service of the Labor and Social Security Ministry said.

Thus, in line with the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 194 as of 31 March 2022, the following base rates were established: Br208 on 1 March, Br209 on 1 April, Br210 on 1 May. Since incentives and compensations are pegged to the base rate, the increase in the base rate will result in the increase in salaries from Br7 to Br35 in May depending on employee qualifications.

Temporary restrictions on crossing the Belarusian border were lifted

Belarus citizens will no longer face restrictions on entering and leaving the country as of 00:00 on 3 April. They will not have to produce PCR test results (vaccination certificates).

Foreign citizens and stateless persons will not encounter restrictions with entering and leaving the country either. At the same time foreigners will still need PCR test results (vaccination certificates).

The PCR test requirement will not apply to foreigners who enter Belarus due to the social and political situation in Ukraine, including foreigners traveling in transit via other countries. Foreign citizens who travel from Ukraine to a place of permanent residence can enter Belarus without visas through 15 April.

Roaming charges for incoming calls were canceled in the Union State

“Starting from 1 April 2022, subscribers of Belarusian mobile network operators will not pay for incoming calls from Belarus if they use roaming in the territory of the Union State. This was an important result of the work carried out by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of Belarus together with Belarusian mobile network operators in cooperation with the Russian side,” the press service of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization said.

Roaming charges between Belarus and Russia will be phased out by 1 June.