Belarus’ new anti-inflation program to be drafted by August 2020

REGIONAL NEWS Свежыя навіны

Belarus Prime Minister Sergei Rumas issued executive order No.123p of 11 May 2020 to set up an interdepartmental working group to prepare a draft resolution of the Council of Ministers and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus “On adoption of anti-inflation program”, BelTA learned from the National Legal Internet Portal.

The working group is set to prepare proposals on improving antimonopoly activities as well as the pricing, monetary, and fiscal policies, developing the communication policy, and ensuring the country’s food security.

The draft resolution on the adoption of the anti-inflation program should be ready by 1 August and should be submitted to the Council of Ministers by 1 September.

The working group is led by Belarus Deputy Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Minister Andrei Kartun.